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Open call (X)sites 2018

Open Call for site-specific art

Concept: (X)sites
(X)sites 2018 will consist of two exhibitions with site-specific temporary artworks at different places along two
routes in Sweden, “Kattegattleden” and “Sjuhäradsrundan.” (X) stands for the unknown in mathematics, and (X)
in this context relates to the exploration of the sites. The project, with all its different parts, is characterized by
exploratory or investigative work, spanning the artistic processes at the sites all the way to public encounters
with the art and the landscape. An important factor in the project is that it is run by artists. (X)Sites started 2017
(documentation available on and will continue annually until 2019, and then turned in to a biennial.


Aktuella Utställningar:

konstnärscentrum väst, erik dahlbergsgatan 6, 411 26 göteborg, +46 (0)31-711 54 47

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